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Grand Master Akshar

 Grand Master AksharMy heartfelt obeisance to my Guru and sincere salutation to my Master. I pray for blessings for all from the heavenly Shakti and bow down to all spiritual souls. My humble request to the Lord to give purity to one and all.


Special AKSHAR POWER YOGA Program for “KIDS” – Weekend Batch

April 1, 2014 – June 1, 2014

Jai Jagannatha !! Knowing the Benefits of Yoga in Today’s world, Akshar Power Yoga Academy has started  Special POWER YOGA Program for “KIDS”. This wonderful Program will empower children with Purity, Perfection and Focus ~~ This Program is Designed in such a way that it will help them to achieve their GOALS !! Power Yoga @ […]

Weight Loss Magic: Lose 3 Kgs in 15 Days & 5 Kgs in 30 Days

April 16, 2014

Akshar Power Yoga Academy launches an intense weight loss program which will be one of the most challenging and result oriented programs that will help you attain a well-defined, toned and chiseled body. Inviting All for a Life Time Transformation!!! Prepare to Sweat and Challenge your Mind and Body to New Limits!!! Spring into action […]

Akshar Power Yoga Basic / Intermediate 200 Hrs Teachers Training Certification course – April 19th, 2014

April 19, 2014

Yoga Alliance International certified Akshar Power Yoga™ Basic Intermediate 200 Hrs Teacher Training Certification course from April 19th 2014. Akshar Power Yoga Academy is the Brand Ambassador for Yoga Alliance India and Yoga Alliance International.  A skillfully planned unique program  for yogis and aspiring teachers to enable them to bring yoga to a diverse and growing community of […]

Akshar Power Yoga Advanced 300 Hrs International Teachers Training Certification Course

April 26, 2014

Its Not how you Practice….Its how you are Trained !! Perfection is not in Practice…Its in Training!! We believe in Power Of Training.  See you in Our Advance TTC !  Yoga Alliance International certified Akshar Power Yoga Advanced 300 Hrs Teacher Training Certification course from April 26th, 2014. A skillfully planned unique program for serious practitioners of […]

Mudra Yoga Maha Vigyan – Oct 1st, 2014

October 1, 2014 – October 11, 2014

Our body is made up of five elements Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Aakash represented by our five fingers. An imbalance in any of these elements can disrupt the immune system and cause diseases. Mudras are actions of hands and fingers that govern the balance of the elements. There is tremendous flow of energy in […]

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