It has been proven that regular exercise can help you relieve stress. However, the practice of Power Yoga helps you relieve stress at many levels and results in overall improvement of mental and physical health. The dynamic flows of Power Yoga done with breath awareness, increases your body temperature, improves blood supply, nourishes the body by improving the oxygen supply and releases toxins. Vinyasa flow releases the stiffness from your muscles that tend to hold your emotions as well. For example, stiffness around your neck and shoulders. By shifting your focus to an asana/posture and practicing deep breathing as you move in and out of the posture, leaves a calming and soothing effect on your body and mind. The following are a few basic dynamic flows, breathing techniques and asanas that are usually a part of APY classes, leaving our students fresh and rejuvenated after the class.

Surya Namaskar : APY classes incorporate Hatha and Ashtanga Surya Namaskaras as well as unique APY flows that are also done with breath awareness. These flows are repeated for maximum benefits and are done at different speeds as it can also give you the benefits of a cardio workout. These flows are very effective for flushing out toxins from the body.

Chandra Namaskar: This flow channelizes the lunar energy which cools and calms your body.

Pranayam: Deep breathing results in instantly calming your mind and reducing anxiety. Beginning your day with dynamic breathing exercises like kapalbhati or ujjayi breathing and ending with deep breathing practice like aloum viloum or sama vritti can help you tremendously.

Asanas: Forward bends like Paschimottanasan, Hastapadasan and Janu Sirshasan or back bends like Dhanurasan, Sethu Bandhasan or even a simple Downward Facing Dog posture (Adhomukha Shwanasan) will help you stretch and increase the oxygen supply, making you feel refreshed after your practice.

Anandasan: Simply lying on your back on any flat surface, after long stressful day or even after your Yoga practice, can help you tremendously as you consciously move your awareness inward, to your body and breath. This state of relaxation can help you relax each and every muscle and let go of all the stiffness and stress.