A strong core will eventually help you improve your overall Yoga practice and be able to balance better in asanas.

Navasan or Boat Pose: Raise your legs so that the toes are in line with your forehead. Hold this posture for about a minute or for 30 seconds and repeat it twice. Softly inhale and exhale, moving the awareness to your belly and ensuring you don’t curve your spine.

Santulanasan or Plank Pose: At Akshar Power Yoga, we not only make you hold the plank pose but also emphasize on push-ups. Both help in strengthening of the core as you gradually learn to shift the excess weight from your hands and balance using core-strength.

Vashishthasan or Side Plank: From plank, you can shift your weight to one hand, stack your legs one over the other and stretch the other hand up to the ceiling. Again, as you begin to engage your core, you will notice that you begin to feel lighter. APY classes also use bricks to improve your sense of balance and stamina.

Marijariasan: Come on all fours. Breathe in and arch your back as you look up and breathe out and round your spine as you look down. Repeat this for 10 counts. This is a good exercise to stretch and contract your belly, for toning abdominal muscles and strengthening the core.

Ashvasanchalasan Variation or High Lunge: Most of the Akshar Power Yoga formulas incorporate the high lunge and its variations in its sequence. This helps you move the awareness to your middle body as you stay in the posture for 4 to 5 breaths before changing the leg. It also helps in toning the thigh muscles.