There is an increase in the number of women who prefer practicing Power Yoga instead of other weight training routine. The reason being, long lasting results and improvement in both physical and mental health. However, the journey of Power Yoga can also be challenging for both first-timers as well as for athletes who have not practiced it before. Thus, it is essential to understand the sensitivity of the changes one begins to see in themselves and approach the practice accordingly.

Yoginis in their Adolescence: As a teenager one experiences peer-pressure, attraction to opposite sex etc and a lot of emotional upheaval. One may feel least inclined to the practice of Yoga but a class of Power Yoga will provide you the necessary challenge that will help you build your confidence, maintain hormonal balance, stimulate human growth hormone and help you better understand the changes taking place within and around you.

Yoginis in their 20s and 30s: Work and family related stress can take a toll on the Yogini and her routine, when she dons upon the role of an employer or employee at work place and that of a mother and wife at home. The practice of Power Yoga will help you stay calm and face challenges with a positive attitude. Yoga also helps in quicker conception and can be practiced during pregnancy (under guidance) for normal delivery.


Yoga During Menstruation: It is essential to listen to your body and alter your practice accordingly. Inversions or any leg lift that reverses the blood flow should be avoided completely during periods. It is essential to not over stretch on the first two days and give your body enough rest. Pranayam and meditation will help.

When Hot Flashes Hit You: Menopause can be a stressful phase for women. Hot flashes, anxiety, depression, insomnia etc are few of the many symptoms that women face. Hormonal dysfunctions and mood swings can also urge one to resort to medication. However, if one is a regular and sincere Yoga practitioner, it can help temper menopausal transition, lift the spirits and restore mind and body.

Dealing with Physical Trauma: Power Yoga helps in weight loss, body toning and strengthening the muscle, helping women build upper body strength and flexibility. Sensitive joints like wrist and knee and be further strengthened by a gradual and consistent practice.

Looking Within and Embracing Change: Apart from emotional trauma, physical changes in a growing body, during and after pregnancy, after menopause, aging etc affect women psychologically too. Yoga can be practiced in all phases of a woman’s life and it can be the best tool to channel the intense energies and help you evolve emotionally, physically and spiritually.