You have made up your mind that no matter what, you have to shed those extra kilos and fit in your slim jeans. You also realize that a crash-diet may make you look skinnier but can cost you your health. So what do you do to look slim without becoming weaker? Make the following lifestyle changes and see how your dream turns into a reality.

1. Cut down your intake of processed foods. Instead of canned food, fried snacks, canned juices or even frozen food items, choose fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Eat enough fiber (40 grams) daily. Have fresh green vegetables and whole grains. Salads made of green leafy and color vegetables should be had daily. Add little lime juice and salt instead of salad dressing.

3. Sweat it out in the mornings – with a power yoga class and end your day with a brisk walk or vice versa. If done daily, this routine will increase your metabolism, improve your body posture and keep you energized all day.


4. Replace sugary drinks with water and unsweetened drinks like green tea, coconut water, lime juice,buttermilk etc. Also switch to jaggery and honey instead of sugar.

5. Eat 5-6 small meals a day and munch on healthy food like almonds, walnuts, dry fruits, yoghurt or fruits, for a healthy and light snack break. Eating at regular intervals will keep your hunger pangs at bay.

6. Get enough rest daily. A sound sleep of at least 7 hours is a must. Also, the practice of shavasan after a yoga class or stressful day can help you relax your body and mind.

7. Breathe! Just taking deep breaths and shifting your awareness to your breath, for 10-15 minutes a day can help you increase your lung capacity, relax and calm your muscles, flush out toxins and help you look younger and slimmer. Yoga gives us many dynamic breathing techniques which help up your metabolism and improve our digestive system.