How do you lose 3 Kgs in 15 days at Akshar Power Yoga ? We make you to do almost everything but we believe that a holistic approach towards weight loss will give you long term results visible in your day to day life. It will help you discipline your mind, improve your eating habits and not just help you tone your body but will also give you the understanding and strength to maintain your body at its ideal weight.

Our classes are a combination of Asana, Surya Namaskara variations, APY Namaskaras,  Special Akshar Power Yoga formulas for flexibility, core strength and weight loss.  These special Formulas, Namaskaras and flow not only target the extra kilos on the body but also instill the power of sincerity and discipline. We also emphasize on Pranayama.  Moving in and out of the asanas with breath awareness helps you remove toxins from the body and also invokes energy so you can deepen your practice.

Never Give Up is the ideal word what we can use to achieve your Goals!