Repetitions and practice certainly make you stronger but not necessarily perfect. If one is not aware of the right techniques and continues to repeat a wrong sequence and follow an incorrect method, the growth of the practitioner remains stagnant. This is very much true with the practice of Yoga. Today, with numerous videos and free instructions available online, learning from home has become one of the most popular and feasible options. However, the downfalls that come with this approach can not be overlooked, such as not knowing the anatomy of the posture, not understanding the subtle energies that are channelized, not knowing how to breathe right and most importantly not able to to see an asana beyond a physical posture. One is deprived from wholly benefiting from the practice.


Learning from the best Yoga schools or experienced Yoga teachers is mandatory if one is keen on gaining true knowledge of Yoga. Practicing Yoga without understanding the Yogic philosophy is like diving into the sea without knowing how to swim. It is only after learning the best and right techniques, can one further enhance their practice and evolve as a true practitioner. This approach will give you a deeper understanding of your outer and inner self, and help you deepen the connection of your mind and body. It prepares you to receive wisdom and love and opens a whole new door of opportunities which will help you grow and connect with the right people.