There is no one who does not dream of a beautifully carved flat stomach! But it takes a lot more than dieting and ab crunches to get that 6 pack ab. One needs to combine ab exercises with cardio and also focus on breathing right, especially when contracting and stretching your muscles. Focusing on your upper body and contracting your abs alone is not enough, you also need a strong back as the muscles around your waist directly impact your spine.

Akshar Power Yoga formulas aim at giving you a flat tummy, build your stamina through repetitions, work on strengthening your core and help you tone and sculpt your body. We also make you hold selected asanas after a good cardio work-out which not only help you tighten your upper and lower abs but also stretch them.

Breath awareness is an essential part of all Akshar Power Yoga flows. This increases your awareness when holding a posture and also increases its impact on your muscles. Regular practice will slowly seep into your daily lifestyle and make you more conscious of your day to day activity such as standing straight or sitting upright and keeping your muscles taut most of the time.

Our formulas are tested and proven. Begin your Transformational Journey Today!