Akshar Yoga: Grand Master Akshar

Jatin Soni

Akshar Yoga: Jatin SoniIndeed the Lower Back Spine of our Academy!!!
A dynamic powerful yogi, expertise in the teaching of Surya Namaskar Variation. Specialized in advanced asanas. A soft persona with a warm heart…making every yogini and yogi into splits of laughter in a jiffy. Been with the Academy since the conception of it.

Jahnavi Mohan

Akshar Yoga: Jahnavi Mohan

A hard working yogini with an eye for decoration!! Experienced in this creative field for 3 decades. Helps the academy to beautify and multiply the charm of our academy.


Bindu Madhavi

Akshar Yoga: Bindu MadhaviAcademy representative of the organization; manages the functioning and smooth movement of our academy. Coordinates with Grand Master Akshar and the Academy’s strength. She always gives her 100% and has the “Never Give Up” attitude!!!

Malini Iyengar

Akshar Yoga: Malini IyengarAn analyst…a complete professional. Yet soft and extremely balanced in her mind body and soul. A consistent go getter never gives up on anyone or anybody. All the documentation of our academy is monitored by her watchful eyes.

Deelu Lama

Akshar Yoga: Deelu LamaA yogi with a pure heart who can comfort you at once! One can never miss the calmness he emits with his smile. Majors in meditation. Integral part of our Administration.




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