Grand Master Akshar‘s vision was to have a state of the art Yoga academy in the heart of the garden city to promote wellness and healthy living. He fervently believes yoga can foster goodness, and compassion in every living being. He lives by the teachings of his Masters and sincerely honors their humility and pure knowledge. His singular mission of disseminating the essence of yoga led to the establishment of Akshar Power Yoga (APY) headquartered in Sadashivnagar which has helped people to live life consciously. The blessings, divine grace and causeless mercy of the supreme and all opulent Lord Hari led to the genesis of the magnificent APY academy at Indiranagar, which is an offshoot of the Sadashivnagar center. Although the academy at Indiranagar is in the midst of the hustle and bustle of 100 ft road, it is complete in every sense and caters to each individual’s needs.

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The sacred space of tranquility, equanimity and great potency is ready and poised for action. Housed in a serene location, the entrance lobby constitutes the reception and a sitting lounge. The reception is an integral hub for the academy which also serves as the main information center. As one steps into the abode of learning, our very own congenial and warm yogis welcome people with their endearing smiles. The heartwarming welcome is truly gratifying. Post entry, a popular herbal drink is provided that soothes the nerves and helps one find their composure. To the right side from the entry is a splendid pathway that spells elegance and the spectacular trail reminds one of the beauty and divinity around. The north east entry to the main practice hall of the academy is in perfect symmetry with the principles of vaastu and cosmic energy. The studio has a capacity for 60 practitioners with state of the art sound systems and aesthetic interiors. Within the premises, one begins to dissociate from the mundane and enters the transcendental realm. With a plethora of activities and massive scope for learning the academy is an ideal destination for yoga lovers.

A residential facility with beautiful rooms is an added benefit for teachers and yoga practitioners who wish to deepen their knowledge. Elegantly structured living rooms and kitchen is provided based on the availability. The rooms have a peaceful and serene ambience that ensures a worthwhile stay. The pure vegetarian kitchen strictly serves saatvik food and the help desk team is ever ready to lend a helping hand in case of any assistance. The residential place is fully furnished and equipped with rest rooms, dining facilities combined with the academy’s unique practice hall. The academy also offers enlightening spiritual retreats for students on weekends.


A Gift Shop showcasing various spiritual items, books, ayurvedic products, yoga clothes, yoga mats and accessories makes it an ideal place to shop for that special memorabilia of your stay. The place offers complete wellness in the most natural and effective manner. Come; treat yourself with rejuvenating yoga lessons, relaxing meditation sessions, enlivening talks on sacred teachings, and delicious vegetarian meals. Invite you to experience wholesome living at Akshar Power Yoga Academy nestled amidst the busy streets of Indiranagar. Akshar Yoga: Academy Schedule_Academy

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