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Akshar Power Yoga Academy @Kalyan Nagar is a holistic fitness yoga studio that is warm and endearing right from the moment you step in.
The centre has a great vibe about it and infuses positivity in the students. We have wonderful and experienced teachers who have very unique styles of teaching. The teacher pays individual attention to each one of their students and advice the them accordingly whether one is a newcomer or an experienced Yogi. We believe that a true Guru is someone who understands student’s potential that varies at so many levels and slowly leading them to self-satisfaction, infusing immense positive energy in each one, which is taken care of so beautifully here.
The teacher observes one’s strength, weakness and always has a recommendation for it. They have morning and evening batches that one can choose from and no class feels repetitive and there is always a challenging aasana for everyone to master.


Students are taught various Pranayam exercises and meditation that helps to stay calm and yet be focused in everyday challenges. The holistic fitness most importantly transforms a student’s approach towards life in a very positive perceptive at APY-KalyanNagar. This is a holistic place where the mind ,the body , and the soul connect!!!. Here it is a journey to wholeness and Inner Peace!!!