Akshar Power Yoga™ Academy, abode of intentional peacefulness is situated on the first floor in the prime location of Sadhashivnagar just before heading to Bhashyam circle. It is conveniently located just 100 meters from the alluring temples of Ganesha, Shiva and Shakti and 200 meters from Sankey tank. One of the exotic attraction of Bangalore, Sankey tank has a vast walking garden along with beautiful park laden with lush greenery where more than 1000 visitors relish the beauty of nature.

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Thoughtful architectural design and sustainable engineering has created a truly aesthetic experience of luxury and sustainability. The studio’s cozy setting is welcoming to both yoga veterans and newcomers alike and is a relaxing place to breathe, sweat and release. We have a friendly group of Professionally Certified Trained Staff who focus on the individual needs of every student in order to guide them through their practice with ease and confidence.

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Our goal is to have each practitioner find balance and health in their life through their own personal yoga journey. The studio’s practice room has cushioned wooden floors with full length wall to wall mirrors which help to view yourself completely from head to toe. It is equipped with air conditioner, audio and lighting capabilities.

The studio receives plenty of natural light through its many windows and makes it a comfortable environment for all levels of students. We maintain high standard of cleanliness and safety for our valuable clients. Mats and props are provided however for personal hygiene we recommend bringing your own yoga mat. Lockers along with changing facilities are always available.

This is a different yoga experience…!!! Great place to bring your non-yogic partner! They can have their experience, and maybe, just maybe they will drop in for a yoga class… Who knows, this could be the beginning of a yoga path for your loved one! We offer wide Variety of Classes for All Ages. Register at the studio or over the phone at 080-40952324. We look forward to seeing you on your mat!

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Akshar Yoga: Academy


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