Today, most of us fall prey to the demands of a hectic lifestyle trying to find the right balance between professional and personal life, juggling between family and work, meeting deadlines, coping with the ever increasing pollution and traffic, and in all this chaos we fail to take some time out for ourselves and eventually become victims of stress, anxiety, health disorders such as diabetes, back pain, weight loss or gain.

It is true that taking a few minutes off for oneself, daily, can help one destress and focus better, but it is also true that shutting the mind off is not so easy and calls for training and sincerity. The good news is that this can not only be achieved but also mastered through the practice of Yoga asanas that directly impact your respiratory and nervous system, making it easy for you to turn your focus inward and become aware of your body and mind. This natural process of transformation has better and long lasting effects as compared to forcing oneself to focus or meditate.

Akshar Power Yoga understands the necessity for holistic transformation and is determined to help you in your journey of self-discovery and happiness. We assure you that if you make an honest commitment to your practice, detoxing and relaxation will become an effortless process. Increased awareness of body and mind will guide you in maintaining a relaxed state of mind which in turn will help you in facing life’s challenges and health related issues with the right attitude. Come join us and help us revolutionize the way of life.