Power Yoga is a generic term that refers to any type of vigorous exercise derived from Shakti Yoga. Thus we have various forms of Power Yoga practiced under different names, designed and styled by the respective Masters/Teachers. The traditional style emphasizes on synchronization of Asana, breath and focal point of gaze where as the modern conception of power yoga is that it primarily focuses on cardio-vascular exercises and then connects Asana , breath and Spirit.

At Akshar Power Yoga we believe that it is the combination of both these aspects, a blend of traditional and modern forms, that will give you the desired long term health benefit. Akshar Power Yoga follows a structural and holistic approach where transitioning between asanas and holding postures are done with breath awareness. Like in Surya Namaskar, where the flow and the sequence of the asanas change static asanas into a dynamic flow, APY flows and specially designed formulas not only aim at helping you burn more calories but also help you improve your level of concentration and sense of balance, increase your flexibility, build your overall stamina and gradually enable you to deepen your asana and pranayama practice.

The misconception or myth surrounding APY that it is only about weight loss is only partly true. The fact is that APY formulas are a set of asanas carefully selected by Grand Master Akshar for improving one’s core strength and flexibility. Weight loss is an important aspect of APY flows and a regular practice will eventually instill a sense of discipline and sincerity, resulting in holistic weight loss with long term results.

Grand Master Akshar believes that it is imperative to normalize one’s body weight so it does not come in the way of one’s yogic transformation. Likewise he also emphasizes that only a healthy mind will enable one achieve a healthy body. He thus stresses on the need to maintain a healthy diet and life style along with a regular practice of APY flows. They go hand in hand and will help you shift your focus inward so you can better understand your body and mind. A synchronization of body, breath and mind is what lays a strong foundation for one’s spiritual evolution through the practice of meditation.

Wish You Love and Light~~