All that extra fat on your body can make you feel lethargic and tired. Likewise, lack of oxygenated blood that can make you feel lazy will eventually result in you putting on extra kilos. Eventually, all these factors become the cause of your increased stress levels and hormonal imbalance. Weight and fatigue are interrelated and Yoga is a proven method to fight and cure these two symptoms as it increases the oxygen supply, restores hormonal balance, increases metabolism, and most importantly helps you de-stress by flushing the toxins out.

A continuous practice of Hatha-Ashtanga vinyasa at Akshar Power Yoga has proven to be most beneficial for those who have struggled with low-energy levels, lethargy, fatigue, short attention span, and over or under weight. The practice will help you increase your lung capacity as you breathe in and out of the posture. Even as you hold your posture, your attention and breath are in sync that helps you restore hormonal balance, calms your nerves, and helps you rejuvenate. Practice of Akshar Power Yoga flows can transform your tired and obese body to a power-house of energy and positivity. You begin to feel confident and content as you begin to notice the changes in your body and also when you see yourself being able to do the asanas that you once thought were impossible. All you have to do is get your self to the academy and then let the magic of Yoga do its work of re-energizing and shaping the new you.