We have always discussed the endless problems an adult faces and how Yoga can help curbs these issues. But, as ironic as it may sound, today children too are victims of stress, anxiety, competition, digestive disorders, insomnia, weakness, etc. and all this leads to them becoming less attentive and least interested in classrooms or any other activity.


At an early age, every child is usually flexible and curious to learn new things. Learning anything at a young age is never forgotten for life and also gives one profound results. It is the same with Yoga. Learning Yoga at a young age can help the child improve their flexibility, channelize their energies and prana in the right direction resulting in improved lung capacity, increase in memory, and improve their sense of balance, concentration and overall awareness. Gradually, a sense of discipline is also instilled in them, which trains them to face life’s challenges with a positive attitude and discover their highest potential.

Teaching Yoga to kids calls for a lot of patience, right attitude, and a fun approach to teach the discipline and APY team is all geared up for this fun challenge! Akshar Power Yoga is all about dynamic flows and movements and we have come up with a unique class plan for kids!

The classes are packed with fun and learning! Akshar Power Yoga for kids is scheduled for weekends, from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm, to be held at both Indiranagar and Sadashivnagar branches. So call us to enroll your kids and gift them Yoga lessons that will be their guide for life!