Akshar Power Yoga Academy is a registered Yoga school – RYS200 and RYS500 hours – accredited by Yoga Alliance India and Yoga Alliance International. Akshar Power Yoga Academy is also the International Brand ambassador for Yoga Alliance International. We offer International Teacher Training Certification (TTC) in Akshar Power Yoga for the following programs:

• Basic Intermediate Level of 200 hours
• Advance Level of 300 hours
• Masters Level of 500 hours

The foundation for all our Teacher Training Programs is Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, powered with in-depth knowledge of Patanjali Sutras and Bhagvad Gita. We have trained and certified over 70,000 teachers in the past four years and many of them are now in the Yoga Alliance International platform, spreading the art in different parts of the world such as LA, Greece, France, and Dubai.

If you have been practicing Yoga and are keen to now hone your practice and understand the science and philosophy of Yoga in-depth, Akshar Power Yoga Academy’s TTC course will provide you with the right knowledge and expertise to not only improve but also master the art of teaching and fulfill your dream of serving people by spreading the true knowledge of Yoga and its practice.

Grand Master Akshar, RYT800 and India’s first Grand Master in Hatha Yoga, conducts the TTC classes personally and gives each individual equal attention to ensure that one builds up a strong foundation in Yoga. His heart-felt presence, mastery of Asanas, and deep insight into the traditional yogic values discussed in detail in Patanjali Sutra and Bhagvad Gita – all contribute toward making Akshar Power Yoga Academy’s TTC courses one of its kind, offering a comprehensive and holistic transformative experience.

Learning the anatomy and practicing various asanas including variation of Surya Namaskaras, practicing Vinyasa, understanding Prana and practicing yogic-breathing techniques, learning Mudras and their benefits, studying and reciting Mantras from powerful ancient Scriptures and most importantly, learning how to better understand the human body and mind for perfect control – all of these will be experienced and mastered in our TTC Program.

We even welcome those practitioners who may not be interested in teaching but have a deep desire to learn the most revered and beneficial science of Yoga.

For enquiries on our TTC batches, please call us @ 9986121226