The ritual of worshiping the Sun is an ancient practice that finds its origins in Hindu scriptures. Apart from India, other countries and cultures also refer to the age-old tradition of offering prayers to the five elements of nature;  Sun, Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. One of the reasons behind such traditional veneration being, invoking and receiving energies from these powerful elements that are believed to be present not only on the outside but also within our body. The practice of asanas in Yoga not only helps us understand these elements but also maintain harmony and balance between them, allowing prana to flow freely and helping us maintain a healthy body and mind.

Surya Namaskara or as it is popularly known, Sun Salutation is practiced on varying levels of awareness, ranging from that of physical exercise by following a sequence of asanas, to a complete sadhana by synchronizing breath, body and mind, and chanting mantras.

At Akshar Power Yoga Academy, we practice Sun Salutations along with its variations and other Namaskaras dedicated to the divine elements. This practice is a form of Vinyasa, a set of postures practiced in a particular sequence to maximize and enhance the effect of each asana. Regular practice of these Namaskaras will help you maintain a disease-free body, achieve your ideal weight, regulate blood pressure, maintain hormonal balance, improve your respiratory and digestive system, increase your flexibility and stamina, improve your concentration, and much more!