Akshar Power Yoga is an original style of yoga created by Grand Master Akshar under the guidance of his Masters. An aesthetical blend of eight arts which aims to evoke the connection of the mind, body and spirit. The main objective of Power Yoga is for you to be able to connect to your inner power and reach a level of health and fitness through the poses and practices.


It focuses on intense weight management, building up your core muscles, strength, stamina & flexibility. Goal is to reach destined balanced weight of your body that is strong and healthy as an entire unit. You do not have to be super flexible, feel free to join in if you can never even imagine touching your toes!

Akshar Power Yoga (APY) is a bridge which takes you through a primordial journey of wellbeing. It is a way of life and a revolution awakening the society at large. Our academy is a one-stop solution for your body, mind and soul and is best suited for the fast-paced denizens.

About APY’s program:

  • Grand Master Akshar has prudently designed APY flows and formulae which draw the best from ancient forms – Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga.
  • Years of research and hard-work is put in by Grand Master to actualize APY’s Vinyasas and formulae, which go-live into the classes.
  • APY classes start and end with Pranayama and Chanting, which gives powers to Yogis and help them build stronger immune system to live healthy life.
  • Once the mind is tuned, the body is then prepared to draw energies using specially designed stretches in line with the flow for the particular day.
  • Yogic cardio is a set of asanas performed in sequential manner at a systematized pace which helps reduce weight and generate good amount of heat.
  • Yogis are now ready to move forward to a combination of asanas focused on improving suppleness and elasticity of the muscles. These flows are based on flexibility formulae which tone the body and releases stiffness and muscle tension thus fostering the feeling of a refreshed mind and body.
  • Focus then shifts to strengthening of the ‘Core’ using strong formulae with a mixture of thoughtfully designed asanas. These flows provide balance to the body and prepare yogis for advanced practices of Yoga.
  • Yogis freeze into asanas, which multiplies the benefits of the particular asana. This helps to improve concentration and balance, reduces fat, releases stiffness and provides meditative benefits.
  • APY’s format also includes a reformed APY Surya Namaskar with additional variations; over and above the traditional Hatha Yoga Surya Namaskar.
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