The practice of Yoga has the power to transform and save lives by helping one grow stronger both internally and externally. A regular practice will not only strengthen one’s immune system but also help them find their inner peace and calm. The population in rural India is as bogged down by the daily stress and chores as the urban population. The art of Yoga can help them lead a healthy and disciplined life and also help them develop a more positive attitude toward life. For those who are faced with social, economical, and emotional challenges every day, Yoga can give them the desired inner strength to face the challenges with a smile.


Akshar Power Yoga has tied up with the municipal of Chikkaballapur in Karnataka to train around 2000 children in Power Yoga. APY aims at empowering as many children and women by sharing with them the knowledge on Yogic Philosophy and the very practice of Yoga. For those who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching Yoga, Akshar Power Yoga Academy is also willing to extend a helping hand and train these women so they can continue to spread the message of Yoga and gift love, peace, and good health to those who are in need.