APY’s Street Yoga is an initiative to take Yoga beyond the four walls of the academy and convey its benefits to people from all walks of life. What better place than our city’s bustling streets to demonstrate APY’s power flows?

Recently, our team of APY Yogis and Yoginis en route to Govardhan with Grand Master Akshar, got their act together for passersby at the Delhi Airport whilst waiting for their flight to take-off! The passengers were not only entertained but also expressed their curiosity on seeing our Yogis stretch and bend and inquired about the asanas that were practiced. Later, at Delhi, after practicing at the academy, our team took off for sight seeing and decided to pep-up their visit to India Gate by practicing APY Namaskaras on their mats. Many tourists and localities thronged around to watch them perform and cheered them for their initiative. We also received a lot of inquiries and feel absolutely elated to know that we left many inspired to make Yoga their daily routine, irrespective of their age, background or profession! Isn’t this what Akshar Power Yoga is all about? A place to shed all your inhibitions and dive into the flow of energies that lead you into a power work-out and holistic transformation!

We are now gearing up to enthrall and entertain people on the streets of Bangalore! Be prepared and no matter where you are, carry your Yoga mat along for you are invited to join the APY team. Get in touch with us if you are interested in helping us spread the message of transformational Akshar Power Yoga to people.