How to practice:

·         Sit at a comfortable place with your back and head straight
·         Bring your right and left foot towards your groin, bending your knees
·         Soles of both feet should touch each other, in contact with groin
·         Push your knees down towards floor, keeping thigh and calf together; hold both feet with your palms
·         Stretch spine upward, open chest and tuck your abdomen in
·         As you exhale bend from your lower back, join Namaste with both palms till elbow
·         Place your elbows near big toes and Namaste on forehead
·         Concentrate on middle of your eyebrow centre ( third eye)
·         Do not allow your buttocks to lift off the floor
·         Hold the position for 30 seconds.
·         Inhale and come up
·         Repeat the cycle 4 to 5 times.

·         Draws the conscious inwards and slowly takes your attention away from worldly web to peace and harmony within
·         Therapeutic for urinary tract disorder
·         Keeps kidney and prostate glands healthy
·         Keeps ovaries healthy, relieves menstrual pain and checks heavy menstruation
·         Reduces sciatic pain and prevents hernia
·         Relaxes heart and tremendously good for nervous system
·         Makes spine flexible and strong
·         It helps to channelize energy and connect upper body with lower body
·         Corrects the posture and realigns rounded shoulders.
·         Opens and relaxes middle and upper back muscles.

Caution – Proceed slowly and follow the instructions step by step while performing the asana. If you feel pain or discomfort at any time come out from the posture and resume the posture after you feel comfortable.

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