Bangalore has seen an increase in the number of health and fitness studios in recent times. Be it Yoga studios or fighting clubs, kick-boxing or aqua aerobics, runner’s or cycling groups, thousands of people are thronging to these fitness centers to accomplish their health goals, such as weight-loss, toning, stamina build-up or simply for their overall well-being. Media and social networking sites have certainly help build up the awareness of good health and its benefits, and the film industry has also played a fair part in motivating youngsters and adults alike to maintain a chiseled body.

It is interesting to note that many people are also opting for alternates to gym, such as Yoga, Power Yoga, cycling etc. The main objective being, long term health benefits instead of short-lived muscle strength. It is essential to understand that not all work-outs are necessarily suitable for all. Every body is different and the difference between Yoga and other forms of exercises is that Yoga teaches us to listen to our body and act accordingly. This deeper understanding of body and mind is what leads to holistic well-being and this is why many are attracted to the practice of Yoga. Even runners, cyclists or regular gym-goers, have understood the importance of spending a few hours per week on the practice of Yoga.

Bangalore fitness-lovers have given Akshar Power Yoga a thumbs-up and today, APY has 3 academies in different parts of the city and is planning to open 3 more in the coming year. We get people from all walks of life. Though weight-loss is our main objective, we understand that people suffer from various other issues, such as diabetes, injuries, BP, thyroid etc. We believe in understanding every individual’s requirement and encourage them to embark on a holistic journey with faith and patience instead of struggling with short-cuts.