How to practice: 
• Sit in full-squat position keeping your feet hip-distance apart
• Lean forward and walk your hands backwards so that palms align behind the feet
• Palm should rest firmly on the floor 2 feet width apart
• Place your thighs on upper arms
• Slowly look forward and shift your weight backwards
• Inhale, tighten your abdominal muscles performing Mula bandha and raise both feet from the ground
• With exhale using the power from your navel cross your feet in front of your upper body
• Fix your gaze forward
• In the final position the whole body is supported by arms and legs
• Hold the posture for as long as comfortable
• Slowly come into starting position, relax and start again
• Repeat the cycle 5-6 times
• This posture boosts the flow of energy across the body
• Strengthens arms, back and stomach muscles
• Gives power to elbows, wrists and shoulders
• Lifting body weight on your shoulders enhances comfort with one’s own self
• Massages the internal abdominal and visceral organs
• Stimulates the pancreas
• Enhances concentration, inner focus and sense of balance 
• Regular practice of this asana brings endurance, lightness and feeling of euphoria
Caution: Do not attempt this asana if you are suffering from shoulder, elbow or lower back injuries, hernia, heart problems or high blood pressure.