Yoga has given us several asanas and breathing techniques that can actually help us reverse the aging process. If one practices Yoga regularly, they increase the flexibility of their spine, improve their posture, increase their lung capacity, flush out toxins and remove tension regularly, tone their muscles and maintain a flexible mind and body. These benefits keep the old-age symptoms away, such as aches and pains in the body, stiff back, shallow breathing and various ailments that come with low immunity and high stress levels.

Vision and our hearing ability begin to weaken as we grow older. Yoga exercises for the neck help us maintain the flexibility of our neck, increase the blood supply and strengthen the receiving nerves of our eyes and ears. One can also practice simple Yoga exercises for the eyes to maintain a good vision.

Yoga poses also directly effect our glands and nervous system, helping us maintain a positive attitude and healthy emotional state of mind. As we grow older we begin to feel more confident, optimistic, creative and maintain a high level of concentration!

We become more resistant to diseases and strengthen our immune system. Twists, mild forward and back bends help in rejuvenation of the glands, including thyroid and pituitary glands, improve the elasticity of the organs, resulting in increase in vitality and prevention of premature aging.

Inverted Yoga poses or a simple downward dog posture will increase the blood supply to the scalp, resulting in stronger hair follicles, glowing skin, release pressure on the nerves, reduce levels of tension/stress and help us stay calm.

The answer is Yes, we can reverse our age with the help of Yoga!