First and foremost, one has to understand that a flat stomach is achievable only by committing yourself to a complete body work-out and if you desire a chiseled body, keeping it healthy and active should become your daily objective. To keep the body active you have to indulge in dynamic exercises. To remain healthy, you have to eat right, at the right time and also give your body enough rest so as to rejuvenate and establish the connection between your body and mind.


It is not easy to train one’s mind to ignore and overcome the food cravings or addictions, nor is it easy to urge or push one’s body beyond its limits when exercising. For achieving your fitness goal, overcoming these hindrances is imperative. One certainly needs a good dose of motivation and inspiration on regular basis. At Askhar Power Yoga Academy, we try and conquer these hindrances through Discipline, Dedication and Practice. APY’s dynamic flows will help you build your stamina, core strength and flexibility. This in turn will help you deepen your mind-body-breath connection. Regular practice will instill in you the much desired discipline, helping you increase your will-power and turning you into a person who is dedicated to leading a healthier and happier life. Remember that healthy living is a long term commitment and is only achievable through persistence. You have to change from within to see changes on the outside!