Course Details:

200 asanas: Dynamic asanas performed to perfection leading to unalloyed happiness, blessedness and beatitude. 150 traditional asanas with their yogic terminology with traditional yoga as the base.

15 Pranayam techniques:Prana is the energy; a self energizing force that embraces the body and our unique techniques optimizes the healthy flow of prana and achieves balance in your life! Profound practice with mantras and understanding the connectivity with mind, body and soul.

30 Mudras: Mudras, the key to spiritual and mental wellbeing to radically enhance every aspect of your existence. Deep study of Mudra science, learning postures, their holdings and breathing techniques with their benefits.

3 Forms of Surya Namaskars: Sun salutation is the English translation for Surya Namaskara. It is obeisance to lord sun. It contributes to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being.Ideal time to practice Surya Namaskara is at sunrise or sunset.

2 Forms of Chandra Namaskar: Chandra Namaskar is bowing to the peace and tranquility of the Moon. It is a reflection of Surya Namaskar, just as Moon is the reflection of the Sun. This should be practiced post sunset. The aim of practice should be relaxing the body, calming the mind and experiencing the soothing energy of the moon. Half cycle has 14 steps just as the moon has 14 lunar phases.

Pancha Tattva Namaskar
  • Akash Namaskar: Akash is the first born amongst all the tatvas. The three dimensional understanding of open space can be felt. It kindles the hope of imagination and creativity. Every experience is fresh, soft and long lasting.
  • Jal Namaskar: We pay homage to Jal tatva, the base of life. This in turn boosts us with energy to rotate, sway and create ripples in our momentum.
  • Prithvi Namaskar: Dharti, the foundation for life is the recipient of all the five tatvas. Here movements are slow, steady and rhythmic which heeds the way to flow of creative energy opening blockages and initiating the healing process.
  • Agni Namaskar: Agni an all binding element manifests itself everywhere and thereby admits realization of the subtlest energies. The power of Agni is so humungous that it has to be tapered so that it could be used in a form to heal. It melts all the toxins and it shows light to lead us from darkness to light, from materialism to spiritualism and from self centeredness to openness.
  • Vayu Namaskar: Vayu has its extreme quality of force and humbleness. Everything inside of our body and outside is dependent on Vayu and this has decided never to move away from its responsibilities. As a mark of gratitude to Vayu tatva, we perform Vayu Namaskar. Vayu has the quality of driving away toxins from mind, body and soul so that an all new positive healthy persona could be created.

Shivanamaskar: A Vinayasa flow series specifically designed to strengthen and purify the entire system and to energise our Aura Mandal.

3 Formulas

 This comprises of the Core Strengthening Formula, Flexibility Formula and the Weight Management Formula

  • Core Strengthening Formula: This formula focuses on strengthening core muscle, tones shoulders, legs, and glutes. It helps in loosing excess fat around the belly. It opens shoulder blades, improves concentration and instills the feeling of confidence.
  • Flexibility Formula: It is a tested and proven formula of Grand Master Akshar, which helps in improving flexibility  and making the body supple. It releases the stiffness from the muscles and instills mind with a feeling of freshness. It makes one more active and relieves body pains.
  • Weight Management Formula:It is scientifically designed and intelligently formulated flow by Grand Master Akshar, which  aims on shedding excess fat from body. This flow also helps to reduce fat around the internal organs. It energizes the body, mind and soul. This flow is a total body workout, in itself, resulting in improvement of posture, increased stamina and improved balance

Abhyaas 1, Abhyaas 2, Abyhyaas 3, Abyhyaas 4 & Abyhyaas 5: Five different types of synchronised Vinyasa flow with combination of Asanas. This flow is a gentle, simple, graceful flow for all. Beginners with no previous experience of yoga can perform this flow.

 Yoga Philosophy and Srimad Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 6: 47 Slokas – For a sound mind, sound philosophy is required and Bhagavad Gita is a must for all yogis. We understand Bhagvad Gita the way it is.

10 Meditation Techniques: Body, Mind and Soul go hand in hand. Keeping this in mind, this section comprises of 2 Meditation Techniques focussing on the Transcendental and miraculous benefits of Meditation.

Mantra & Kirtans: For self empowerment, yogic kirtans and mantras are explained and practiced.

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