Yoga, not only bestows physical benefits, but also offers mental benefits followed by spiritual benefits. It unites the body and mind to achieve a sense of balance. Deep relaxation and mindfulness can be achieved by a combination of asanas, pranayama, and meditation, which is the core formula of Akshar Power Yoga. In today’s hectic world, everyone seek ways to reduce their stress and the best way to help you relax and handle stressful situations is performing yoga. It teaches you to focus on breathing while you hold the asana poses, so that you can calm your mind and focus your energy where you want it to go.

There are different types of breathing techniques that are called pranayama techniques, which help a lot in harnessing the brain’s capacities and naturally evolving into the art of living well. You can try calming your mind by these breathing techniques whenever you feel stressed, for example, when you are stuck in traffic, when you are in dentist’s chair, or in any disturbing or difficult situation. It dissolves stress and anxiety. It encourages positive thoughts and self-acceptance.


Principles of yogic science and brain science combine together to create transformation of your mind. There is tremendous power in combining a technology that has stood for human evolution for thousands of years with a meticulous science of the most complex and fascination organ in the human body – the brain, the mind. Yoga can become a way of life – with yoga, you progressively drop all negative habits, patterns, and influences within yourself and from the surrounding in favor of more sustainable ones – it becomes not about what you do, but how you do things.