How to practice:

  • Come into downward dog position
  • Jump with both legs on right arm such that left leg is below the right (beginners may place both feet besides right palm and gradually go down)
  • Palm should rest firmly on the bricks or floor
  • Slightly bend your elbows
  • Transfer all your weight on both arms
  • Tilt slightly forward with your head and chest
  • Exhale as you straighten your legs, keeping them parallel to floor
  • With strong arms and great balance, fold your right knee (Advanced practitioners can straighten the right knee backwards in line with hips)
  • Hold this position for as long as you are comfortable and breathe rhythmically
  • Put legs down and slowly come out of position
  • Return to downward dog position
  • This completes half-cycle, repeat with the other leg to complete the full cycle
  • Perform this asana 2-3 times for best results.


  • Strengthens arms, wrists, shoulder, chest, buttock, leg and stomach muscles
  • Expands the rib cage
  • Stimulates the nervous system building better control on body and mind
  • Improves concentration, inner focus and the sense of balance
  • Regular practice of this asana brings in patience and control over the sensory organs

Advance asana; should be performed under guidance. People suffering from heart ailments, high blood pressure, back and hip problems should not perform this asana.

Eka padaKoundinyasana