If you are a yoga first-timer, finding a yoga class might be easy these days, but finding the right teacher is a noticeable issue. Your idea of what makes a good teacher can be different from the next person’s, so what you need to ask yourself what you look for in a teacher to decide if he/she is good for you. Here are a few steps that can try to narrow down the query.

Check for Qualifications: For a first timer, it is necessary that the teacher must have at least completed a 200-hr Yoga Alliance Registered teacher training program. You can ask at the venue where the class is held, but the best way is to do a little online research. But when you ask, this also shows that the training they have undergone matters to you. Also, you want to feel comfortable that they have an understanding of anatomy and how to work with those who have injuries.

Look How Committed Your Yoga Teacher Is: Is your yoga teacher committed with helping students? You being a first-timer needs attention and make sure you get that from your teacher without any doubt. Make sure your teacher enjoys teaching, reads yoga teachings, and thus introduce the knowledge of yoga to you while practicing.

Does Your Vibe Matches with Your Teacher’s: When you feel a connection to a teacher, you can fully get involved in the class and have an experience, instead of just learning a set of movements. So it is also important that you find a teacher whose vibe matches with yours.

Match Your Needs: It is you who knows it best if you like instructions throughout the class or less talking, if you like to have rhythm and music in the class or silent, and also if you like an intense, focused class or a light-hearted one. These you can find out by knowing the way your teacher takes the class and you can opt for the one that suits your needs.