How to practice:-
• Stand upright with feet together and hands by your side
• Breathe normally and calm your mind and body
• Plant feet firmly on ground with body weight equally on both legs and straightened back
• Expand your chest and raise arms straight above head with a slight tilt at the elbow
• Keep your palms folded in Namaste pose
• Fingers should be pointing upward
• Focus your gaze forward
• Hold this position for 30 seconds
• Slowly release hand and relax and come into starting position
• Repeat 3-4 times
• Ensure to inhale while lifting your hands up and exhale while coming out of the pose
• Helps improve concentration and increase alertness
• Develops a sense of inner equilibrium and harmony
• Improves posture and stretches spine
• Increases the ability of mind to focus
• Releases stiffness around shoulders and arms
• Improves breathing and increases lung capacity
• Helps in increasing the flexibility of the upper body
• Aids in removing toxins from the body
Caution – Perform this asana slowly and gently with strong body balance. Practitioners with spondylosis and other shoulder related concerns should proceed gradually.

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