As we progress in our practice and deepen the connection with self, we begin to appreciate the essence of life, that is love. We discover that a mind filled with anxiety and a body knotted with tense muscles, will only make our journey more difficult. It is when we relax, stay calm and begin to enjoy, is when our mind-body-breath flow with ease. Physiologically, a regular practice begins to cleanse us and free us from toxins and this immediately effects us psychologically, freeing our mind of unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Instead of forcing you into stopping something that is unsuitable for your body and mind, Yoga guides you into a healthy life-style. It helps you discover the peace within and makes you less dependent on your surroundings and others for happiness. It makes you the giver of joy and receiver of happiness.

A regular practice will help you regulate your blood pressure, improve your digestive system, increase your lung capacity, strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility, reduce cholesterol levels, keep your heart healthy, and positively influence your eating/living habits, giving you good health and a hearty life!