Akshar Power Yoga’s Holistic Weight Loss is the most comprehensive and safe approach to lose those extra kilos and bring your body to its ideal weight. Only exercising or only dieting might give you some results, but these will be short lived. For long term results, one has to understand the relation between mind, body, and breath. This is made possible through the practice of Akshar Power Yoga flows. Each time you breathe in and out of the asana, each time you hold the asana and make an effort to understand your body and center your thoughts, the connection between your mind and body only grows stronger. You will notice that in every consequent class, you begin to perform the asanas better and in your journey, you discover aspects about your body that you were completely unaware of. You begin to feel more confident and positive about yourself and this will go a long way in helping you reach your ideal weight. Maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle will eventually become an effortless task as you learn to detox and destress at Akshar Power Yoga Academy.