Before and After images of people never fail to catch our attention. Most of them are about people having lost extra kilos and flaunting their new chiseled and slim body. Some seem like a far-fetched dream and some simply look impossible. But at Akshar Power Yoga, we have proof that such success stories are possible. Just being regular for their Akshar Power Yoga classes and sticking to the holistic Yogic diet provided by APY, our teachers were able to see instant and long term results, burn extra fat and maintain a healthy body.

The determination and will-power of our Yogis and Yoginis is commendable and they in turn have inspired many students to follow their path of holistic living. Most of you must have definitely heard of our Akshar Power Yoga teachers, Parvathi and Swathi. Both had joined APY classes to loose weight and shape-up and after a year, Grand Master Akshar recruited them into the TTC program. Both Yoginis continue to teach and inspire students and proudly share with them their transformational journey of loosing 24 kgs in 9 months and 16kgs in 6 months! Likewise, our new Akshar Power Yoga member, Karthik, has a lot to say about his goal of loosing 5kgs in 1 month!

Apart from Akshar Power Yoga teachers, we have many students who are enrolled in our APY weight loss program. Most of them continue to come for our classes even after achieving their weight loss target as they believe that the classes have positively influenced their overall health. Many of our old students still write to us about how they have inspired others to embark on their weight loss journey.

If you too have a weight loss goal or simply want to improve your overall health, call us and let us help you achieve your dreams.