Through the practice of Yoga, one can replace anger, anxiety, frustration and hate with compassion, calmness, patience and love. Through Yoga, we learn to become more aware of our body, breath and mind. Thus, we become more aware of our thoughts, our feelings and our reactions. This heightened sense of awareness helps us better understand the changes around and within and gives us the strength and faith to accept ourselves the way we are, teaching us the art of complete surrender to the Divine Spirit.


As we learn to love and respect ourselves, we cultivate a habit of friendliness and kindness towards others. The practice of Yoga awakens the love in us and fills us with uplifting energy of compassion and bliss. This can be experienced in asana and pranayama practice, as we learn to breath when holding a posture, and stay calm, even though numerous thoughts cross our mind. After a Yoga class, one is usually filled with joy and cheer, leaving little or no scope for emotions which wear us down, like jealousy, hate, anger. An anxious mind is transformed into a calm and peaceful mind which looks at every being with love and compassion, attracting love and kindness in return.