Akshar Power Yoga is not an achievement or a pinnacle that you have to compete for, it is a journey – your own voyage to self discovery, a channel to unite your thought, body and breath and your reason to just be.  It does not start and end with your practice; it stays with you for a lifetime. It is not something you do; it is what Akshar Power Yoga does to you.

Now that you have embarked on your journey, discover how different the practice feels every time. The same asana practiced repeatedly, opens up a whole new world of understanding each time you are at it. The bends and stretches do not just remain at the physical realm, but they slowly begin to shape your thoughts too. The deep inhalations and exhalations strike a chord with your emotion and guide you towards mastering that flickering mind.  But this process is an ongoing process, just like your karmic cycle. You cannot stop until you free yourself of all the karma and you cannot stop your practice until you free yourself from all the obstacles, physically and mentally.  This can take a lifetime or many life cycles.  It is only through conviction and commitment can we gradually proceed towards the state of perfection.

So do not stop your practice once you achieve the desired results that are only physically visible, whatever that may be, weight loss or gain, flexibility, toning, muscle build up, glowing skin or a beautiful and healthy decease free body.  You have discovered just the tip of the iceberg. What comes after is the humongous change within and a deeper understanding of all that exists. It is only dedication, sincerity and heartfelt commitment that will help you open up the gates to self-realization.  The more you give to Akshar Power Yoga, the more will you get from Akshar Power Yoga.