Although in ancient times the Yogis practiced on a small piece of cotton rug, be it in snow-clad mountains or dense jungles, the scenario is not so in today’s modern world, where people from all walks of life have taken up the challenge to incorporate Yoga in their daily routine. Likewise, the Power Yoga Studios have taken up the challenge to provide them the best of both worlds, a serene and transcendental ambiance and the comfort of a contemporary lifestyle keeping the modern Yogini in mind. The following are a few must-haves that every practitioner should carry with them to the Yoga Studio.

Hand and Face Towel – One tends to sweat profusely in Akshar Power Yoga classes. Thus, a hand/face towel is a must-have for Akshar Power Yoga classes.
Water Bottle – You have to make sure that your are drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated during and after the intense work-out.
Yoga Mat – Akshar Power Yoga suggests you use at least 2 mats for Power Yoga class.
Yogi Towel – This is a must-have for a Hot / Power Yoga class as it absorbs your sweat and helps you maintain your grip.
Tracks – Yoga pants or leggings will help you stretch and move freely in and out of asanas. You can also opt for capris, pyjama or harem pants.
Tops – Cotton T shirts, tank tops for the work-out and a spare T-shirt to wear after the work-out. A jacket to keep yourself warm after the work-out.
Headband – It is advisable to keep your hair tied and not let it come in the way of your practice!
Yoga Bag – A big sports hand bag/ gym bag or a spacious Mat Bag that can accommodate all of the above.