Namaste!! To all who visit our web home as we bless and honor the splendour in each other.

I bow down to the Supreme personality. My humble prayers to the divine Shada Aishwaryashali Jagannath, Balbhadra, Subhadramai and Sudarshan Maharaj. My heartfelt obeisance to my Guru and all the divine powers. My sincere salutation to their austerities. My humble prayers to the Lord to give purity to one and all.

“Do good and goodness will follow you”…by Buddha. O Buddha we are trying to follow your footsteps. With this thought in our mind we endeavour to serve humanity with the blissful art of Yoga where we understand the transcendental manifestations of oneself on this planet Earth.

We welcome you to an enriching journey in Akshar Power Yoga™ Academy, a paradise where body, mind and soul converge as one. May all prosper and let love and peace abound in all hearts….

“I prayed to God for happiness….he taught me Yoga.”

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