1) What trainings and other programs does Akshar Power Yoga Academy offer?
Akshar Power Yoga Academy offers numerous programs: Akshar Power yoga Basic and Advanced APY Teacher’s training certification program, Shakti flow yoga 300 hours training program and Glow yoga teacher’s training program. Along with these regular programs we also have very powerful metaphysical activities. Some of our unique programs performed are Monance Mandala Mediation, Mudra Yoga Maha Vigyan, Vaishnav Tantra and the list goes on.
2) Can beginners attend workshops and trainings?
Akshar Power Yoga experience is open to all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners. As with anything new, be gentle with yourself and gradually build your strong practice. Yoga is a lifelong endeavour and the basics you learn will be crucial as you progress in your path of this blissful journey of yoga. Akshar Power Yoga creates a solid physical base and an intellectual understanding. Gradually, you’ll build core strength, stamina and flexibility.
3) Will the Akshar Power Yoga experience be challenging for me?
Initially you need to determine your level of intensity and then slowly work on each asana. Gradually you will admire the emergence of core strength and flexibility. Overall you will witness a major transformation with your mind, body and soul converging as one!!
4) Is Akshar Power Yoga safe for pregnant woman?
You need to attend special classes which are designed particularly and are different from the regular Akshar Power Yoga sessions.
5) How should I choose the best Akshar yoga program?
Please feel free to call or drop in to our studio and consult our team of professionals who will help you to make correct choices. Do let us know your health concerns and we will address all accordingly.
6) What exactly is a power yoga classs?>
Power yoga is a form of yoga that strengthens and stretches your muscles and builds core strength. The class focuses on physical postures called ‘asanas’, certain cardiovascular activity, breathing exercises called ‘pranayama’ and meditation. Each class will take you through a different sequence of poses where you will work your entire body, strengthening and stretching each muscle.
7) How many times a week should I practise power yoga?
Power yoga is intended to be a daily practise. However don’t be discouraged if you can’t always find the time.  For good results we recommend a minimum practise of at least 3 times a week. For total physical, spiritual and emotional transformation we recommend 5 to six times a week. The more you practise, the quicker the results.
As with starting any new physical programme, please consult with your physician before practising power yoga.
8) Will I lose weight doing Power yoga?
Many of our students who practise regularly report rapid loss of weight and inches off their bodies.
9) How does power yoga help me?
A lot of us first look to yoga for the physical benefits we have heard about (more flexibility, more core strength, weight loss, good sleep etc) or we look to yoga because we are stressed out and hoping yoga might be the answer that will help us put the balance back in our lives. Yoga can do all of the above and more, but you have to be open to it and you have to practise.  Our classes will help you build poise, grace, strength, balance and endurance.  Each student is encouraged to work at his or her own level.
10) If this is my first poweryoga class, what can I expect?
We have students of all levels who attend the classes and beginners are most welcome. If you have never experienced power yoga class before, start with an open heart and open mind!. Regardless of your current level of fitness, this will be a challenging and rigorous workout .your first class could be a little overwhelming, but know that with practise things will get familiar.
If you are new to yoga we advice you to try our beginners foundation classes. If at any time during practise you need to take a break, simply drop out of the pose, regroup and catch your breath.  First timers may feel aches the next day in places, they didn’t realise they had muscles .Our relaxation exercises at the end of every practise will ensure you leave feeling calm and content.
You should wear comfortable clothing. You will need a yoga mat, towel, and water – all these items are available to rent or buy at the studio. Please arrive at the studio 10 minutes prior to your class.
Please remember to turn your cell phones off before you enter the class. All personal belongings can be placed in cubicles provided in the studio. No shoes are allowed in the class.
We encourage students to pace themselves and determine the intensity that works best for them in each pose and throughout the class. Magic will happen if you stick to it and challenge your physical and mental edges.
11) Does my body have to be flexible?
Flexibility is something yoga gives you; you don’t have to be flexible to start a yoga practise. Focus on your breath, be ready to sweat and embrace where your physical body is. Flexibility will come with time and regular practise.  We will help you find your place in every yoga pose.
12) Can yoga help reduce blood pressure?
Studies have shown that certain yoga practises can help some patients to control their high blood pressure. In general yoga promotes health, a sense of calm and relaxation.
13) I suffer from backache, can I do the class?
Yoga cleanses your entire body system, increasing blood flow to all your organs, while keeping your mind calm. Studies have shown that with proper breathing technique and right postures, can help in reducing backache.
14) Is this defined for people of certain age group?
No. Yoga is for people of all ages
15) What if I have a injury?
Listen to your body and respect your injury.  There are modifications for all of the postures.
16) When can I expect to see progress in my yoga practise?
Each individual will respond differently to yoga based on myriad of factors based on age, genetics and physical condition. Yoga is truly a life long pursuit; one that you can go on exploring as long as you live and never learn all there is to know. Yoga is about the journey so enjoy the ride.
17) I want to teach yoga, how I can go about it?
We have various Teacher Training Certification courses. Please refer to the Teaching training course details provided in our site.
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