Natraja (Shiva), the lord of dance, is the epitome of grace and beauty. This balletic asana strengthens us to conquer the battle of life from an extremely dignified and stable foundation.

How to Practice
• Stand straight with feet together and hands by your side (slightly away from body). Spread your weight evenly across feet
• Elongate spine while pulling your tailbone up
• Centre your focus on a fixed point and breathe rhythmically
• Bend right knee and hold ankle with your right hand behind the body
• Keep your knees together and maintain the balance
• Inhale and stretch your left arm up with balance
• While keeping the breath rhythmical stretch right leg back as far as possible (beginners should not raise leg too high but focus on the stretch in back)
• Leg should be directly behind the body without twisting hip
• Bend forward with chest lifted slightly, keep neck straight and focus on the left hand
• Keep your left leg straight throughout the practice
• Hold the asana as long as you can
• Release the asana with first lowering leg followed by left arm. Relax and repeat with other leg.
• Practice the asana 2 to 3 times with each leg.

• Infuses grace and confidence in mind and body
• Strengthens the muscles of back, shoulders, arms, hips and standing-leg.
• Stretches the muscles of bent-leg and hip flexors
• Improves body alignment
• Challenging balance in this asana improves concentration
• Instills the feeling of equilibrium
• Relaxes stiffness in the legs, hip muscles and joints

Caution: People suffering from high blood pressure, weak heart, back problems, hernia, colitis, peptic or duodenal ulcers or vertigo should not practice this asana.