‘The day a woman can walk freely at midnight on the roads, that day we can say that India achieved independence.’  Mahatma Gandhi.

Last year on 16th December, the most brutal, barbaric and appalling incident had left the entire nation in a state of shock and distress. The nation came together to express their grief and demanded implementation of stronger laws to protect women. Protests were staged all over India and abroad and people waited with bated breath for justice. The court’s decision provided little respite when the four accused were sentenced on 13th September to death by hanging. Although the government has announced several steps and amendments to ensure the safety of women, India is far from becoming independent. Nirbhaya’s sacrifice was a wake-up call to the entire world. Crime against women and gender based violence is still prevalent in urban and rural India and also in other countries. It is essential that we continue to create awareness to ensure women’s safety and urge the government and people to make all the necessary changes that are mandatory to eliminate the root causes of such crimes.

As per our ancient scriptures, Shakti is the personification of divine feminine creative power and is also referred to as The Great Divine Mother, worshiped as the Supreme Being. It is disheartening to see that this thought holds little significance today and on the contrary the injustice done against women is on the rise. Let us join hands and take a pledge to empower women and recommit ourselves to ending all forms of violence against women. We at Akshar Power Yoga had organized a Marathon in early 2013 to build awareness on women’s rights and safety and called it “Nirbhaya Marathon”. We invite all of you again to join our team and bring your family and friends and help us spread this message to the masses.

Nirbhaya Marathon is scheduled for January 18th, 2014 and you can give your names and sign up for the Marathon by writing to us at info@aksharyoga.com or call us @ 9986121226