How to practice

  • Stand in Samasthiti, feet together and spine elongated
  • Inhale and stretch your hands up towards the sky
  • Exhale and bend forward from the hips such that upper body is parallel to the ground
  • Extend your calf muscles and balance your weight on both feet
  • Bend torso further until the palms touch the floor
  • Palms should lie flat on either side of feet, without bending knees
  • Be aware that you are stretching your thighs, the knees are pushed back and the kneecaps locked
  • Now look forward keeping your back straight and lift your neck
  • Do not strain your neck and shoulders
  • As you become more flexible & comfortable with this pose, push your stomach towards your thighs placing the upper body on the lower body (nose tucked between the knees)
  • Repeat the cycle 2-3 times and hold the pose for better benefits


  • Controls blood pressure and balances down the heartbeat
  • Soothes the brain cells, relieving mental exhaustion
  • Energizes the entire body relieving of physical tiredness or fatigue
  • Alleviates back pain
  • Makes the spine more flexible for practicing advanced asanas
  • Prevents constipation and relieves stomach ache
  • Massages the entire abdominal organs and tones the liver, spleen and the kidneys
  • Reduces abdominal and back pains during menstruation

Caution – People prone to acidity and dizziness should practice the asana with the feet slightly apart. Also, people with disc or spinal problems should not bend the body more than the 90 degree position.