How to practice
• Stand with feet shoulder-distance apart
• As you exhale, sit into squat and bring feet together
• Walk your hands to the left side, keeping them shoulder distance apart
• Palm should rest firmly on floor
• Slightly bend your elbows and place your left leg over your right upper arm
• Balance your weight on both palms
• Fix your gaze forward at a point and as you exhale start to lift your hips maintaining strong balance
• Maintain balance on both palms
• Lift your feet off the floor and balance in this position
• Shift the weight of your head and chest forward and on exhalation straighten your legs, keeping them parallel to floor
• Hold this position for as long as you are comfortable and breathe rhythmically
• Put legs down and slowly come out of final position
• Return to step two and repeat on other side

• This posture boosts the flow of energy across the body
• Strengthens arms, wrists, shoulder, chest, buttock, leg and stomach muscles
• Massages the internal abdominal organs through contraction of upper body
• Engages and improves muscles of core
• Develops the nervous control throughout body and mind
• Enhances concentration, inner focus and sense of balance
• Regular practice of this asana brings patience and control over senses

Caution: Good amount of arm and shoulder strength is required to perform this asana. People suffering from heart ailments, high blood pressure, back and hip problems should not perform this asana.