Though Power Yoga can benefit people of all age-groups, there are certain benefits of Power Yoga that specifically address the concerns of youth, such as glowing skin, flexibility, stamina and strength, toned muscles and flat stomach. Today, all young people want to look their best and feel confident about themselves. The dynamic practice of Power Yoga gives them a complete solution for their body and mind as compared to other fitness routines. They begin to see fast and positive changes in their physical body as well as in their attitude.

Power Yoga prepares the youth to face challenges with strength and agility. Whether they are college students burdened by studies and peer pressure, or if they are athletes striving for success, or are victims of stressful work environments, Power Yoga can help them boost their immunity and stamina, guide them to stay focused and calm and most importantly make them feel wonderful about themselves by showing immediate results in the way they look.

Unlike the traditional form of Yoga, Power Yoga leads the practitioner into a series of asanas with breath awareness, thus changing a static flow to a dynamic and powerful flow. Teenagers and youngsters, thus find this challenging and are attracted to this form of Yoga. Akshar Power Yoga Academy has many young teachers in their team and in their daily classes. Our students often tell us that they had no idea a Yoga class could be so challenging and fun!