Not sure how to stretch it out on your own? Need not worry! These simple and readily available makeshift stretching props will allow you to access deeper stretches, leaving your muscles limber, happy and ready to work for you. Re-purpose these common home items into stretch props for a simple and effective at-home stretching routine.

Straps or belts : Belts or straps can work as an extension of your arms to help stretch muscles you cannot easily reach with your hands. These help in measuring progress. You get to know that your muscles are holding less tension as the slack you have below where your hands are holding increases week to week. These are quite effective for hamstring stretch and act as good chest opener.

Yoga Props

Pillows or Towels : Pillows or towels can be used to support the body and help in relaxation. Try different shapes and firmness levels with pillows and try rolling the towels in different ways to see how firm these can be in different positions to get the best feeling for your body. The best stretches using these are lower back stretch and again chest opening.

Sports Balls : Lacrosse and tennis balls are great for massaging any sore or tight muscles. They are at-home tools for self-myofascial release. Deep breathe and roll placing the ball against floor or wall until you feel the muscle release.

Bag of Dry Beans or Grains : Use these as weights and help the body release unwanted tension. Place them on your ankle to anchor down your inactive leg while hamstring stretching, on your shoulders to release tension, and on your pelvis to relieve menstrual cramps, find lower abdominal engagement or open your hips.