How to practice
· Lie flat on your belly with toes out, and feet hip width apart.
· Place your fore-arms beside your ribcage and open-fingers facing forward.
· Rest forehead on floor, relax the whole body.
· Press the fore-arms on the floor and gently lift your head and chest off the floor.
· Make sure that your neck is in line with your spine.
· Arch the thoracic spine and focus your gaze forward.
· Hips and thighs should remain on floor.
· Perform mulabandha squeezing (not hardening) the hips & thighs, pulling the knee-caps up and press the lower abdomen (pubic bone) down on the floor.
· Open your shoulders and keep neck neutral.
· Hold for 30 seconds.
· Exhale and lie down.
· Repeat 3-4 times.
· Stretches chest, lungs, shoulder, abdomen and thighs.
· Aligns the spine, particularly thoracic vertebrae.
· Strengthens the core body.
· Improves blood circulation.
· Gives deep stretch to upper and middle back.
· Increases lung capacity.
· Tones the reproductory organs.
· Stimulates appetite, alleviates constipation and beneficial for abdominal organs.
Caution – Perform this asana slowly and gently with awareness on stretch in spine.