How to practice
• Kneel down on your palms and knees
 • Palms exactly in line with shoulders
 • Inhale and lift knees up bringing your body forward in plank
 • Grip the floor with toes and keep the knees straight
 • It is important to keep back straight with wrists, elbows and shoulders in a straight line
 • Arms should be kept straight right below shoulders
 • Focus the gaze towards floor ensuring that it is a feet forward from the arms
 • Hold the final posture for 1 minute
 • Practice upto 5 times for best results
 • Relax in step 1 for releasing the pressure from the back
Prop:  Bricks can be used for strong alignment
 • Strengthens thigh, arms and shoulders
 • Makes spine and abdominal muscles robust
 • Improves balance in the nervous system
 • Stimulates the manipura chakra
 • Energizes the entire body and instills feeling of positivity
 • Develops a sense of inner equilibrium and harmony.