How to practise:

  • Lie down flat on back with relaxed mind and body

  • Place both legs and feet close together and hands beside with palms facing down

  • With deep exhalation, raise the pelvis from the floor with the support of both hands

  • With continued support of both hands raise the trunk up perpendicular until the chest touches the chin

  • Ensure your legs and knees are straight with toes pointing up

  • Stay in this position with even breathing for 1 minute to start with and gradually build to 5 minutes

  • Exhale as you gradually bring your legs down and release hands and lie flat and relax

  • Repeat 2 -3 times


  • Builds stamina

  • Provides relief from common cold and nasal disturbances

  • Ensures proper functioning of the Endocrine glands and thus balances the hormones

  • Relief from chronic head aches

  • Calming effect on the nerves thus bringing down the irritation

  • Better sleep pattern and cures insomnia

Caution: Ensure no jerking movement to avoid any pressure on the neck region