Shakti is the personification of divine feminine energy present in all that is created and is living, including the cosmos. Shakti is also referred to as the Great Divine Mother, not only responsible for creation but also the agent of all changes. Shakti’s most significant form is the Kundalini Shakti present in our spiritual body and through the practice of Yoga we aim at liberating and uniting this Shakti with its source. According to ancient scriptures, Shakti Yoga is a combination of spiritual, physical and mental discipline, practiced to stimulate the central nervous system. This process of integrating our mind, body and spirit, through commitment and perseverance, will eventually help us activate all the senses and nerves in our body and lead us towards liberation. Over the years, the versions of Shakti Yoga have been tampered and thus we have various teachers teaching different forms.

Grand Master Akshar has carefully studied and employed the various forms of Shakti Yoga that have been discussed in ancient scriptures and has masterfully designed the various eclectic power flows practiced at Akshar Power Yoga Academy. At APY, there is also great emphasis given to the relation between Shakti and Bhakti, a combination of both physical as well as devotional practice, as discussed in the philosophy of Shakti Yoga.

Grand Master Akshar believes that by committing oneself to the practice of Akshar Power Yoga flows daily, one will eventually experience a transformation not only in one’s physical body but also see positive changes in their attitude towards life. Apart from working towards a healthy and toned body, one will also embrace humility, wisdom, power and endurance. Akshar Power Yoga Academy welcomes all of you to experience the power of Shakti that lies dormant within each of us.