Akshar Power Yoga is no doubt a strenuous and energetic work-out but at the same time it is also an effortless transformation from ignorance to awareness.

A lot of students have concerns about power yoga before enrolling at APY, such as hurting themselves, sustaining knee or back injuries or drastic side-effects as a result of loosing weight in a short span. However, one need not worry about these issues when practicing APY flows under the supervision of our trained teachers. On the contrary, APY’s power packed classes help you better understand your body, heal your body over a period of time and give you long lasting results through holistic weight loss such as a flat stomach and muscle strength.

There is a very thin line between not trying and trying too hard. If you are a beginner, be prepared for the APY challenge but at the same time listen to your body, understand its limitations and then gradually push. Every asana has its point of balance and this will vary from person to person. Each time you practice, try and find your point of balance in the asana you hold. This will be possible and easy once you learn to keep your core engaged, breathe right and stay calm. Practice will make you perfect.

Our teachers are always available to guide you. We always suggest personal counseling sessions for those who are suffering from weak knee or weak back or have undergone any kind of surgery and have been asked to take caution by their doctor. If your doctor has given you a green signal to bend and stretch then just go with the flow and notice how you become more and more adept in Akshar Power Yoga over a period of time.